Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friendly Reminder Of Twi-Trio Promo Kick Off!

HUGE day approaching in the Twilight fandom! Tomorrow Taylor, Rob, and Kristen will be attending their very own hand/footprint ceremony in front of the Chinese Theater. This will take place at 12pm EST/ 9am PST and there will be a live stream over at Ustream!

As if seeing our favorite Twilight stars is not enough, Super Josh Horowitz has slated an amazing interview with all three Rob, Kristen and Taylor! He will be asking your questions so be sure to get them in! This will air Thursday as well at 7:56pm EST! Come on Josh we are counting on you to make this EPIC!

Also a little bird told me, literally a little bird (Twitter), that Rob and Kristen will be filming Jimmy Kimmel tonight which will air next week. Robsten bubble in full swing! Too much I cannot handle it! So set your DVRs or whatever it is you do to stay in tune with the latest. We will be posting re-caps of all of tomorrow's events. Happy Breaking Dawn Month!

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