Sunday, November 13, 2011

How Long with 'Breaking Dawn' Part 1 Be?

Well, we now do know exactly how long Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be after the announcements of 155 minutes, to 135 minutes, to now a meager 115 minutes. Leaving Breaking Dawn as the most concise Twilight Saga film yet. The question is why? First it needs to be remembered that the massive Breaking Dawn book has been broken up into two movies, yet, that still erks some Twi-hards, especially at the rate that the movies make the books seem ridiculous and as each successive movie leaves out more and more of the story.

So what can we expect to see in Breaking Dawn Part 1's 115 minutes?:
1) A decent length lead up to a short wedding scene
2) Not too much of the honeymoon as the suspense of the movie (according to trailers) is all about Bella being pregnant.
3) Unbridled tension between the love triangle of Jacob, Bella, and Edward
4) The birth of Renesmee being a terrifying event (and here is where I see the movie immediately ending, giving a massive cliff-hanger.

Obviously there is a lot missing from the above from Breaking Dawn leading up to Renesmee's birth. I expected to see the movie be closer to a good two and a half hours, but my calculations were way off from those of director Bill Condon.

What are you upset about not potentially seeing in the first half of the final portion of the Twilight Saga? What did you think was so vital but apparently, Condon did not?


  1. I've always thought that the movies have been pretty close to the books with new bits and pieces added here and there. The only new thing that I have noticed is that they have made Irina of the Denali clan attend the wedding. In the book she refused to come to the wedding because of her grudge with the werewolves for killing Laurent and the Cullens holding an alliance with them. Also Jacob is talking to Seth in human form but I do hope they'll show the wolves talking to each other in wolf form.