Friday, November 4, 2011

Rob's Very Candid Interview With ExtraTV

The king of word vomit has struck again! I must say I adore a sleepy Rob because we always get the best answers out of him. ExtraTV sat down with Rob to catch his thoughts on the final installment, Breaking Dawn.

Rob definitely feels like a pro at proposing now so when he does pop the question for real he feels like he will be so smooth. Mmmm does this mean he is thinking about it? He also had tons of slip ups about on and off screen love interest Kristen Stewart. He made the comment that he would like the idea of him and Kristen being married. Oooo Rob, you're going to be in trouble when you get home.

Rob also talked about the last day of filming and how miserable it was because it was cold and rainy, but then him and Kristen got to do some re-shoots in the Caribbean and he said they spent the day kissing in the sea which was a great way to end it all. So sweet!

Take a look below and enjoy all things Rob!

{via ExtraTV}

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