Thursday, November 10, 2011

RPatz on Live with Regis and Kelly

Team Edward fans rejoice...Robert Pattinson has been tearing up interviews all over the country this week and here is just another notch in his belt.  Regis and Kelly interviewed Taylor Lautner yesterday and today they have our favorite vamp!  For those of you who do not know or do not watch Regis and Kelly, this is Regis' final week of being on the show.  I know, sad right?  I have enjoyed watching Regis over the years.  He is not only funny, but a great person as well.  He will be missed.  Ok back to the interview...

When Rob comes out, Christina Perri's A Thousand Years is playing!  How appropriate!  When asked where is home for the actor, he responds "Lousiana I guess!"  Music to this Louisiana girl's ears!  Good to know that Louisiana was welcoming and a good enough experience for him to call it home.  He admits that he is not a man of comforts...a standard man I guess.  Good for him that this whole experience has not changed him. 

Before Rob came out, Regis and Kelly enjoyed a drink from a fan called a "Leg Spreader!"  They claim he had a few backstage!  Something to take the edge off I guess, eh Rob?!  Big news, never before revealed that Rob has a new love in his life....his FIRST dog!  WOW!  I have seen pics of this dog with both him and Kristen Stewart (separately).  How cute.  They share custody of their dog!  He got this dog from a rescue center in Louisiana!  Sad story really...he saved this dog from euthanization literally hours before his death.  What a great guy! 

When discussing the movie, Rob tells about the sex scene that is a love scene and an action scene all in one.  Kelly about falls out with the feeling that I'm sure most Team Edward fans have when thinking about is particular scene with Edward.  Rob describes it as "fun" and "a bit scary!"  The clip of Breaking Dawn part 1 shows the honeymoon scene that I'm sure many of you have already seen. 

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