Monday, November 7, 2011

'Twilight' Did You Knows

Hey Twilight fans! Another week closer to our favorite day, and that time has come...Twilight Did You Knows are here and they are getting juicier! This weeks are all about the girl we wish we could be, Kristen Stewart/ Bella Swan.

Did you know...

1. Kristen Stewart was "discovered" by an agent when she was 8-years-old and starring in her elementary school Christmas Pageant.

2. Kristen was only 17 throughout most of the Twilight movie Shoot. When she turned 18 on set, she was awarded a birthday cake and a full night of shooting.

3. Kristen said her favorite part about playing Bella was "getting to kiss Edward Cullen."

4. Kristen wore a wig in Eclipse because she cut her hair short for The Runaways.

5. The ring Bella wears on her index finger during New Moon is set with a large moonstone (can't be a coincidence!)

6. Kristen Stewart was recommended for the role of Bella Swan by Emile Hirsch, her co-star from Into the Wild and whom Catherine Hardwicke directed in Lords of Dogtown.

7. Kristen's stunt double in Twilight, Katie Powers, also plays a waitress at the diner.

8. In the kissing scene in Twilight, Bella is wearing one of director, Catherine Hardwicke's shirts.

9. After the release of New Moon, Kristen served on jury duty.

10. Kristen and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, were named Forbes 5th highest paid celebrity couple this year!


  1. I just loves these keep them coming,

  2. Wow...:)
    I’ve never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So, I can’t bring my self to regret the decisions to leave home. I would miss Phoenix, I would miss the heat… I would miss my loving, erratic, hare-brained mother, and her new husband.