Thursday, December 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn in Hong Kong

Today is a BIG day for me, a Hong Konger.
Breaking Dawn is finally released in Hong Kong on 22/12/2011.
My friend and I ran to the cinema an watched it right after school.
There is no word to describe what I feel about watching Breaking Dawn on a big screen.

We cried during the wedding scene.
We screamed when Edward first appeared when he was staring out in his house.
We held each other 's hand during the birth scene.
It was like experiencing the whole saga all over again.

One particular scene I loved is the scene where Bella had all her human memory flashback.
From Breaking Dawn to Eclipse to New Moon to Twilight and then at last when Bella was just a baby girl.
It made me realize how far the whole saga had gone and how much I love the whole series.
How long have I been in love with the whole love story between Edward and Bella?
We are all just die-hard twilight fans after all.

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