Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Robsten's Super Private LA Home For Sale

Somewhere in the midst of are they or aren't they...the love nest that Rob and Kristen rented as a couple is now being sold. The two rented the super private home last year while in LA, well private until papz figured it out.

Zillow stated the home was previously rented for $22, 500/month! Good thing these two make so much money and don't mind forking out money to pay for their privacy. The LA Times reported the home was now on the market being sold for almost $6 million.

Will these two ever finally settle down into a spot that they can call theirs? I guess while they are so busy working it would only make sense to move place to place. The two were said to have been shacking up in a London home while Kristen is working on Snow White & The Huntsman. There were several pics snapped of the two leaving and entering the home together and separate, but I am sure this was Summit's big plan to boost movie sales right? ;) Yeah, seriously doubt that.

{via Forbes}

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