Friday, January 20, 2012

'Breaking Dawn' Preview Clip Party

As everyone in this fandom knows, we do love our sneak peeks, previews, exclusives, and so forth. Actually, I find it so funny that the majority of us see most of the movie before it even comes out!

Target stores are reeling Twi-hards in by the boat load by commemorating Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD release by showing a preview of Breaking Dawn Part 2! Talk about smart marketing! Of course in true Twilight fashion...previews will be shown in Target stores at midnight on February 10th!

Do you plan on missing out on your z's to catch a brief clip of the final installment or will you wait and catch it on Twitter later? I think this would be a fun event for the younger Twi fans but me personally, I'll wait to see it when it hits the web and of course we will be posting it here!

{via BSC Kids}

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