Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alas! Robsten LIVES!

Much of us in this fandom have felt like Steve Erwin on the hunt for massive crocodiles, but of course in search of a glimpse of our favorite Twi couple. Rob and Kristen have been flying severely below the radar and keeping hush hush on there whereabouts.

Rob especially has been out of the loop and to be honest I do not feel like we have seen him since the People's Choice Awards when he shocked us all with a freshly shaven head...R.I.P. Rob's quaff. But good things come to boys and girls who wait and finally after weeks of Robsten drought...we have fan pics of the gorgeous couple out to dinner last night!

Someone find this fan and give her a hug and kiss. She has made our days by tweeting a simple pic. Kristen of course looks positively gorgeous and Rob looks handsome as ever. I did however notice the head was shaven a little closer. For a role maybe? Who cares! I am just happy I got to see their faces!

{via RPLife}

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