Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking Dawn Birth Scene Blooper

How would it be possible to film such an outlandish scene without laughing? There is absolutely no way these guys could have taken it too seriously because it is such a disturbing scene. Kristen, Rob, and Taylor struggle to keep their giggles in while filming the birth scene in Breaking Dawn. You could never tell by the intensity of the finished product.

Moviefone has released a cut from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD that shows the trio having a hard time keeping a straight face while reviving Bella back to life. Taylor seems to be struggling with CPR, which would obviously be hard when Kristen is talking to him...and she is supposed to be dead. And poor Rob...he has to bite her all over her body (which you think he would like) as if he would do anything to keep her alive, but all he can do is giggle about how absurd he probably feels biting Kristen's leg.

Man what I wouldn't give to be apart of the crew on set that day, or any day for that matter. These guys would be so much fun to watch!

{via MovieFone}

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  1. It would have been awesome to witness this scene being filmed!