Sunday, March 18, 2012

TwilightBlog Video Ad Competition! *has been temporarily postponed*

Dear Readers!

It is that time of year once again where TwilightBlog hosts a big competition!  This year we are going to be giving away Damien Dibben's The History Keepers signed and with notes by both Daryl and Tara (founders of for the winner of the best video ad for!  You can see our review of this book here.  The rules and regulations of the competition will be as follows:

The Video Ad:
1) Must be made by you, and you alone with no copyrighted material unless you have written permission (which will be needed to be sent to us along with your submission)
2) Original!
3) In some way show why you love TwilightBlog, why people should visit us, and what TwilightBlog is all about
4) This video must be posted on YouTube for all to see

Your Submission Must Include:
1) Name
2) Age
3) Country
4) E-mail
5) Short Biography of yourself
6) URL to your video
7) Any and all written permissions to use copyrighted material

How This Will Work:
1) Entries maybe submitted until March 17th
2) Entries must be submitted to
3) Daryl and Tara will choose the top 3 videos by March 20th
4) After choosing the top 3 we will post the top three videos to be voted upon by our readers!  Voting will end April 10th.

Once you submit your video and information you are allowing TwilightBlog to use them for our benefit and use.  If you win the competition we will need your address to mail the book to.

Happy Video Making!


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