Thursday, March 8, 2012

BD Part 2 Sneak Peek of Teaser Trailer 3/20!!!

Is it already that time of year to start fangirling all over the place because of trailers and sneak peeks? I believe it is my fellow Twihards! Let's take a moment and enjoy because sadly this is the last year we will get to enjoy the promo before the movie :( *sniff sniff*

The official Twilight Saga Twitter feed gave us all a little taste of smoking hot Edward in BD Part 2 and also announced that a sneak peek of the teaser trailer will be released at 6am on March 20th! Then to make things better...we only have to wait a mere 6 days for the full teaser! Summit will be releasing the FULL teaser trailer March 26th at 6am!

With that being said...just for your enjoyment I will post one of the most famous fan reactions to the Twilight trailers to date! This girl is amazing and just imagine how awesome she will be for the last installment!


  1. I think I know what part of the movie this is. It is after Bella has woken up and has looked at Edward again for the first time. Don't you think so.

  2. Total think so...she looks so gorgeous as a vampire...

  3. The twilight trailer looks good. the reaction is crazy.

  4. i cant wait for the movie to come out. i'm so obsessed with Edward. i love twilight :)