Monday, April 16, 2012

Kristen & Rob Head Back To Vancouver For BD Part 2 Re-shoots!

Just when Rob & Kristen had put their sparkle away...Bill Condon announces on the official Twilight Facebook that they will be heading north to do a few re-shoots for Breaking Dawn Part 2. These two just cannot say good-bye to Edward and Bella!

Re-shoots as we all know are very common, especially in films of this magnitude. According to Bill Condon, they are not shooting any additional scenes just working on technical work with cast and stunt actors. But since Bill knows what the fandom really cares about....he also added that Rob and Kristen would be back as Mr. & Mrs. Cullen one more time!

Gosh...I would love to see set pictures of them one last time. This last movie is so bittersweet and even though I am so excited for it...I almost wish it could last forever. What do you think? Will you be sad to see the series go or did it end in a great place?

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  1. i will be sad to see it go, cause i love some twilight. come rob n kristen make another one to show everyone how u all r a happy family u including your daughter.