Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills!

Its been a tad quiet in Twi-land lately, so any bones that Summit is willing to  throw at us...we go full speed at it! Gorgeous Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills of Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (Edward & Bella) have gone viral today on Twitter and all over.

BD Part 2 will be Kristen's first and last time playing a vampire. According to cast and crew, she was made to be a vampire and has nailed the part entirely. But how will her and Rob adjust to playing parents of Renesmee?

Let's not forget the beautifulness of Mr. Lautner. Jacob is a fierce protector in this last installment and judging by this pic...he is ready to take down any vamps (or anyone for that matter) who threaten his newly imprinted Renesmee.

On a sweet little side note...Bill Condon released of the official Breaking Dawn Facebook page that a new trailer will be released soon! He also mentioned how amazing the promo posters are. This is my favorite part of being a Twi-hard. I love the anticipation and all of the hype. I am so sad this will be our last time :(

{via Just Jared}


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