Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comic Con Master Post

Find all of your 2012 Comic Con goodness here. The interviews should start coming in, as Josh Horowitz has just finished up with Mackenzie Foy and will move on  to the trip, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.

Who doesn't love a great Josh interview?!

Sigh...the end is near...

 The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trio Interviewing with MTV's Josh Horowitz  
 Press Conference with The Cullens

Rob did trip on his way up the red carpet but rest assured fans...he is fine :) 
Mackenzie Foy Interviews with Josh Horowitz

 Handsome Jackson Rathbone...

  Thanks to RPLife Here are some photos of Rob and the whole group

Smoking hot HQ's of Kristen from Kristen Stewart News

UPDATE:  As a special surprise to all of the fans in Hall H they are going to see the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn! Lucky guys!

Cute photo of the secondary cast from EW! Love it!

Breaking Dawn Panel in Hall H  

PART 2 is UP!


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