Friday, October 19, 2012

Introducing Immortal Perfume!

Christmas Gift ALERT! Let your favorite Twi-hard smell like a vampire in this beautiful scent. I was recently mailed a sample of Immortal by Tru Fragrance and I absolutely love it. If it is possible to imagine what Vampire Bella would smell like then this would be the closest I think you could get.
The official fragrance of the Twilight Saga! Immortal is defined as everlasting, never to be forgotten and having perpetual life. From the eternal life of a vampire to the eternal love between soul mates, Immortal Twilight is the personification of undying romance. A fearlessly uncompromising floriental fragrance with notes of cool citrus and wild chamomile, descending to reveal a delicate harmony of white freesia and peony grounded by the captivating and mysterious femininity of patchouli, cool amber, and musk.
This would make a great gift for the Twi-hard in your life (ahem...ME!) The packaging itself is absolutely gorgeous, featuring a beautiful photo of Edward and Bella on the box. Fans will LOVE IT!  Head over to their website HERE and get an early start on your Christmas shopping!

{via TRU Fragrance}


  1. You could send me your sample :) *schwinnnnnnnnn*

  2. I already got it last Christmas but I can assure you all, it smells AMAZING!!;D

  3. Yes I lOVED it! I was thinking of gifting my sample but I believe I'll keep it :)