Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tent City Is Up And Running!

First of all I have to say how extremely jealous I am of all of the people who get to camp out for the weekend to prepare for the LA premiere of BD2! To be among so many Twi fans would be intense! Imagine all the energy there!

These guys have already set up and have been posting pics all over Twitter. Tonight I have seen several tweets that they are showing the first Twilight. Ahhh to relieve the first time you saw Robert Pattinson walk across the screen as Edward Cullen!

The next few days will be full of promo and then Monday will be the last premiere in LA for the franchise. It's slowly coming to an end but this fandom is too amazing to just let it die! I look forward to years of obsessing over Edward Cullen or Robsten or anything else that's stemmed from this series....and keep in mind...there's always the DVD release ;)


  1. this is probably the most un-realistic movie/book i have ever seen in my whole life. worst book evaa

  2. all you guys camping out there are retards trying to see a love movie between a dog and some one who sparkles like a little bitch.