Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KStew & RPattz To Attend Comic-Con

With the rumors running their course about who will be attending the Comic-Con next week some sources are confirming that some of our favorites will be attending:

"Rob is "on schedule" to finish filming Remember Me before his Thursday appearance at the festival. This should leave him with just enough time to hop a flight back to the Sunshine State and arrive in S.D. middle of next week. Shoots are unfortunately very prone to abrupt schedule changes, but everyone (fans, execs, publicists, waiters, plumbers) wants Rob down for the festival, so he should be good to go.

Kristen's shooting sitch is actually a bit tighter, we hear. Production on The Runaways isn't wrapping next week, but we're told K.Stew is still on track to make a "whirlwind" trip down to Comic-Con. Hmmm. Enough time for some quickie canoodling we assume? "Yes," we're told.
So are we about to jump on the same old Robsten go-around with hotel arrangements down in beautiful and romantic San Diego? If you remember back to the New Moon filming days in Vancouver, Rob and Kristen were purposely being kept several bed lengths from each other at separate hotels.

Well, we have very good intel in San Diego who dished to us that will not be the case next week. R and K are supposedly booked in the same bunking quarters. Hip, hip room-service hooray! Although they probably have their own rooms, you all can use your dirty imagination whether or not they'll actually be using them.

For the sake of Kristen and Rob and our hotel friends down in S.D., we won't be giving out which spot Robsten's going to be shacking up at, but for you Twi fans going, if you all run into them down there, do give us the dirty deets."

{via E!Online}

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