Saturday, August 1, 2009

Comic-Con: New Moon Video

Wow, for once it's ROBERT who's the awkward one (and not Kristen).... check out the video below for awkward cast interviews. Near the end, Robert fumbles through his words and Kristen even laughs at him...!


  1. Maybe I'm just too sensitive, but I thought them talking and laughing while Rob was speaking was RUDE! WTH was So interesting about that ring? And why did Kristen feel the need to complete Rob's thoughts? I mean, I know he rambles, but I love that about him.

  2. The ring was just a decoy, Ashley shows Kristen the ring, Kristen whispers to Ashley something about Rob (maybe) , Rob overhears shouts, "Shut Up!" Then you notice Ashley slyly leaning over whispering whatever it was to Taylor, Taylor cracks up...look at it again! They're all adorable and REAL Love them!

  3. I think she was acting soo childish or perhaps the nervousness of being next to him ..? .. but she was just acting RUDE.. she was distracting him a lot.. and Rob.. totally aware of everything she does, wasn´t able to concentrate either!!.. but I think it is all part of the chemistry they have between each other... she doesn´t act that way with the others...¿?..she is totally nervous..

  4. He's so cute when he rambles though, bless him!

  5. Love it! Didn't think it was a big deal. End of a long day promoting at CC, Kristen's being playful. She also teased Taylor by mimicking him at one point. Didn't bother him. But Rob, who's tired and overworked, got irritated. All in good fun. If anything, it shows how comfortable they are together, like a real family.

  6. Hahahahaha!
    That was funny!
    But Kstew's hair grosses me out.
    She should have kept it the way it was!
    Rob and taylor are hot!

  7. That was awesome! Rob was hilarious... I wonder what they were pointing at on the wall?? As soon as Kristin is finished with The Runwaways she'll ahve her hair back to normal... Until then, oh well!

  8. that was quite funny tbh
    she was being well rude! WTF! i think its coz she feels awkward sat next to him and feels awkward when he talks coz of the obvs chemistry between them...
    did anyone notice whenever he was talking she couldnt look at him but when anyone else was talking she could look at them?...

    i've seen that in action in real life! its very true very true

  9. I hate Kristen's new hair!