Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taylor Lautner... With Taylor Swift!

Can You say TAYLOR OVERLOAD? Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were on set filming their new flick Valentine's Day. Check out these pix of Taylor (Lautner, that is!) performing his own stunts (pole vault and hot hurdles!).

Taylor & Taylor look pretty good together, don't you think? How does "Tay-Tay" sound for their Celebrity Couple Name??

What do you Twi's think? Will you see Valentine's Day?

Check out more Taylor (and Taylor) pix below!


  1. Okay,...I will definetly watch that movie!!! :)
    I think they fit perfect for eachother!
    I mean, TaylorS is just the best singer in the whole world, and TaylorL it's just totally HOT!
    Their like the perfect match!! <3333
    And + I agree that "tay-tay" would be the perfect celebrity couple name!! :) <33333

  2. I think they should be T-Squared....

  3. :(
    I don't like swift
    now dislike her even more :P haha :)
    Gtfo him ;) Aha =)

  4. Looks like one to see. How about "Double T"? Must be hard to direct them with both names Taylor. Wonder if director gave them nick names:)

  5. Didn't Taylor L. Date Selena Gomez? and if so isn't Taylor Swift friends with her now wouldn't that be a problem. I don't like Taylor personally but I do like her music but I think she is already all over the place and it's time for her to go away now. So now I won't see this movie I would if she wasn't in it >_<

  6. i like both Taylor's but i really don't think they look good together!
    i think Taylor L looks better with Selena Gomez but she does like him that way which is such a shame :(
    i will go see that film hopefully..should be good :)
    Taylor L is the hottest guy ever x

  7. aww come on now!!! i love taylor s!!! haha how come nobody hates taylor l??? well i dont...but...anyways...i love double t!! haha well im gonna go see it!!! bye!!!

  8. thats not pole vault thats high jump he is doinggg, but i will be super exctied if pole vaulting is in the movie cause i pole vaulttt :)

  9. Omg ya I will see that movie I love taylor and taylor!
    They actually do look good together!

  10. Angie Foucault-WickmanAugust 25, 2009 at 9:03 PM

    I think it would be adorable. I will see the movie, I love Swift as well as Taylor L. :) hope it's true.

  11. I think that Tay-Tay is the perfect nick name for them and I think that they make the cutest couple!

  12. They are so cute together!! I think their nickname should be Tay squared!! Oh And Taylor L = HOTNESS!!!!

  13. Ahhhhhhhhh! omg! will so see this! I love them both!!! WOOT! x

  14. They are so adorable together<3
    I love Taylor Lautner and I love Taylor swift. Perfect match!! but I think they're just together in the movie, Valentines Day. But I hope its for real!!

  15. that is not pole vault...that is high jump, just thought i would clarify...sorry im a pole vaulter :P