Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kellan's Cosmopolitan Shoot

kellanKellan Lutz works it as only he knows how for this winters Cosmopolitan. In an interview with the fashion magazine he told us what he likes to see on a girl. Here's what Kellan had to say.

On not showing everything: "It's nice to see bits and pieces of a woman exposed. As a guy you get that mystery - especially when a dress or top isn't too snug".

On Layering: "Layers add excitement. I think once I take the sweater off and I'm able to touch her arms, how soft are they're going to be?"

On wearing comfy clothes: "The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside of her".

For more pics, Cosmopolitan hits stands in January or click here.


  1. OMG What a hottie amd i love his hair that colour, yummy!!! sorry Rob he's more my type!!! lol

  2. Gee, way to make my knees shake! He's really something! <3