Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ashley Says "Gross!" to Love Scene with Rob

Ashley Greene was recently asked if she would kiss and tell about any upcoming love scenes in the works.

“There’s a bit of one. You’ll see one coming up in my near future,” she teased. But as far as which one it is, she says, “I’m not telling!”

C'mon Ashley! Give up the goods!

When asked whether she would ever do a love scene with her co-star, Robert Pattinson, she jokingly responded, "Oh gross!"

I'd say "HELL YES!" but that's just me :)

Ashley goes on to comment, “I think out of anyone the connection that Alice and Edward have because of their extra abilities that would be weird.”

Looks like we'll just have to wait and see this "bit of a love scene" Ashley's referring to. Maybe an Alice and Jasper hook-up? ;)

And as far as an Alice and Edward makeout session, yeah, I just can't picture that either.

I can't embed the video clip of the interview so you can check it out here.

{via Celebrity-Gossip.net}


  1. lol i would say "HELL YES!" too!!!

  2. It won't be anything to do with Twilight. She doesn't make out with Jasper at all in the books.
    It's from the Warrior, the movie she is doing with Kellan Lutz.

  3. i would say yes, but it would be weird if alice and edward kiss, that just wont be right. maybe they should have a Rosalie and Emmet make out scene