Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kristen Stewart's Haiti Donation from Sundance

Almost every A-lister made it out to support Haiti last week (January 22nd) at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, including Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Kristen Stewart, however, was sadly disappointed that she couldn't be one of them.

Kristen had prior engagements in Park City, Utah over the weekend for the "2010 Sundance Film Festival" where she was promoting her new flick, The Runaways, with her new BFF, Dakota Fanning (Jane) as well as supporting her other movie, Welcome to the Rileys (WTTR).

But don't think that stopped Kristen from helping out Haiti. Film producers, Giovanni Agnelli and Scott Bloom, from WTTR filled in E! Online with the details of how Kristen donated towards Haiti relief efforts.

Four lucky girls were chosen to be hosted by KStew & Co. in Park City. "They paid, like, a thousand dollars a piece for tickets which went to support the cause for Haiti," says Giovanni. The girls paid "for the privilege of a free plane ticket, a place to stay and the pleasure of Kristen's company."

"Kristen on the plane here said [she was upset] she could not be doing the telethon…So we decided to use all that money to benefit Haiti," adds Bloom.

{via E! Online}


  1. Good on Kristen's part but you really must wonder about how demented and or criminally rich the 4 girls must be to pay a thousand dollars to meet a star.

  2. well i mean come on! its kristen! a twilight cast memeber! that is to cool- and i agree a thousand dollars is quite steep to meet someone- but if ya got the money- go for it!

  3. GOO KRISTEN!!! aww bless her... it must have ment so much to her tht she cried coz she couldnt go to the haiti telethon!!! thousand dollars a ticket OMG thts alot.