Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amazing 'Twilight' Fan Art

A fellow tweeter posted a gorgeous image of Alice Cullen that a girl by the same name, Alice, had painted using Photoshop CS3. Her work is really amazing and she is extremely talented! I checked out her website and she had a number of other Twilight images and actors.

I'm in love with this one! Absolutely perfect!

View all of Alice's work here!


  1. These are so nice! I really love the one with Alice :)

  2. This both painting is really a coo for me I am very glad to seen this one I am big fan of art these both painting has very nice intensity in first painting the laddie's eyes look so nice and cool.

  3. That is very nice painting.

  4. wow i luv it <3 i love art and twilight.. the combination of them both is astonishing :D
    Faye xx

  5. Absolutely amazing , (: <3
    thaat girl has real talent !!