Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back-to-back Robert Pattinson TV Appearances

Earlier we posted that Rob will have an upcoming appearance on The View on March 2 with his Remember Me co-star, Emilie de Ravin, to discuss their upcoming flick.

Now there's talk that Rob will also be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the day before, on March 1. This is the same day that Jimmy celebrates his first year anniversary as Late Night host.

March is definitely going to be Robert Pattinson month ;)

{via Gossipcop}


  1. and people say he was the worst performer for the Haiti this guy has any time to sleep or take's a busy time for him ...all the work will get anyone down...he is not superman or a real vampire after all ...he is doing his best and we love him for this...."his best" makes us feel great and we should be grateful ...Thank you Robert Pattison for a great job

  2. I agree as well I just really really hope he doesn't get burnt out. I can't wait to see him

  3. I truly agree with everyword Anonymous #1 said .. He is a hard working man and does so much for his fans , and probably not enough for himself .. :) <3

  4. A job is a job right wrong,there are some jobs that are so demanding under contracts that if you fail to full fill them there would be no pay and furthermore recourse to pay even back on the time slots they fail to appear...Put yourself in an actors place,the times are like doctors.everyone seems to think that by the time they see the movie,they forget what it took to get there and how.The appearances this guys have the hours long and hard and follow up by interviews to promote are so demanding.So I commend actors most I believe try really try to give the fans their demands but they to as human beings have the right to their private lives and their time with they're families.I know it's every girls/boys dream to become an actor or singer but trust me it is hard work.The best thing for me is I just go and pick out the movies I am interested in and take it from there I don't get all caught up in the drama or autographs because I think I am just as equal to one of them an important...I wish the Twilight Saga good luck all the actors and I do have my favorites which are the following...Edward,Kristen,Jacob,Ashley,Emma and Doc Cullen's lets not forget him he is what makes Edward and the rest of his family what they are in the movie...Good luck guys and gals in your future..shine