Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'New Moon' Nominations for Razzie Awards

New Moon DVD Special EditionWell, that's not a good thing, being nominated that is. If you don't know what I am talking about, then look up the Razzie Awards, or nevermind, I will just tell you. The Razzie Awards are for the WORST in the entertainment industry. The 30th annual Razzie Awards will be held March 6th. The nominations featuring New Moon and/or its actors is as follow:

Any two (or more) Jonas Brothers / “The Jonas Brothers: 3-D Concert Experience”
Sandra Bullock & Bradley Cooper / “All About Steve”
Will Ferrell & Any Co-Star, Creature or “Comic Riff” / “Land of the Lost”
Shia LaBeouf & either Megan Fox or any Transformer / “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
Kristin Stewart & either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Whatz-His-Fang / “Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Billy Ray Cyrus / “Hannah Montana: The Movie:
Hugh Heffner (as himself) / “Miss March”
Robert Pattinson / “Twilight Saga: New Moon”
Jorma Taccone (as Cha-Ka) / “Land of the Lost”
Marlon Wayans / “G.I. Joe”

WORST REMAKE, RIP-OFF or SEQUEL (Combined Category for 2009)
“G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra”
“Land of the Lost”
“Pink Panther 2″ (A rip-off of a sequel to a remake)
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
“Twilight Saga: New Moon”

“All About Steve” / Screenplay by Kim Barker
“G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” / Screenplay by Stuart Beattie and David Elliot & Paul Lovett
“Land of the Lost” / Written by Chris Henchy & Dennis McNicholas
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” Written by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
“Twilight Saga: New Moon” / Screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg

{via CNN}


  1. Well I must say that the movie screenwriting is a sad portrayal of the books but I do not believe that they deserve all this. The acting is far better in new moon than twilight and I believe it will progress in Eclipse. These young actors are in everything now and I think that will make them better.
    The script is very sad and doesnt portray anything for the books, that is a big disappointment but the hotness factor for Robert and Taylor and the chemistry between Rob and Kristen has been a selling point.
    Hopefully they wont win many of these Razzies.

  2. Awards like this are for people who have nothing better to do then make fun of peoples work

  3. Razzies are riduclous! There is no way that they belong in any of these catagories. Razzies are only a portayal of jealousy they want to make fun an the fact that new moon was so much better than than the Twilight film it's unreal that it or the actors/actresses would be put into these catagories. It's not something I have an interest in. Making fun of people and films it's....bull**** I can't even express how angry this make me

  4. The scenery is still there, but just about everything else that worked in the first film doesn't in 'New Moon.' For one thing, the structure is a mess.

  5. ok the movie wasn't going for an oscar nomination but come on..a razzie award nomination? isn't that the same award that JLo won for Gigglie?- i dont even want to talk about that..! oh well this can only make me sad..such an amazing book..and a pretty good casting but can't say that for all the rest..still i believe the actors did the best with what they had..and guess what they earned millions and these razzie award guys still try to figure out a way to make it through the end of the month..the joke is on them..

  6. Gosh some of the movies nominated are ridiculous! i mean really.. even transformers? wtf?!

  7. I don't think New Moon has deserved this..

  8. They are all just jealous ..

  9. As far as I can tell, Razzie Awards are the ONLY awards that The Twilight Saga deserves to win. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn will probably win Worst Picture the next two years.

  10. Hahaha i love how offended everyone is getting, accusing people of being jealous. No one is jealous, Twilight and New Moon SUCKED. They are awful movies, the actors are horrible, Rob Pattinson is a joke (notorious over-acting) and the effects are passable at best. The only one I don't think New Moon deserve is worst screen play because Rosenberg did a pretty decent job of making the movie just as shitty as Stephenie Meyer made the books....