Monday, February 8, 2010

Peter Facinelli Helps with The Haiti Relief Effort

Peter Facinelli made an appearance at a mall in Temecula, California for a fundraiser event to help Haiti. Fans waited for hours to meet the handsome and charming Dr. Cullen, himself. People were even utilizing lawn chairs inside the mall to wait out his arrival because thousands of fans, guys and girls, came out to meet Peter and get his autograph on their various Twilight merchandise. Peter was taking pictures with fans and even danced with Olivia Mabee, a blogger for SWRNN, before their photo. Ladies, of course, were lifting their arms to Facinelli and asking him to "bite them."

A few times Peter winked or waved at the crowd and screams echoed throughout the mall. At one point, he also took the mic and told the crowd how grateful he was that they had all come out and how awesome Temecula was. He then took out his camera phone and recorded the crowd screaming, "We love you, Peter!" to post to his Twitter account. It's so great to see yet another account of how down-to-earth and friendly Peter is to all of his fans, and how big of a heart he has to give back to the Haiti Relief Effort. Thank you for being you, Peter Facinelli, you're fabulous!



  1. We love Peter Facinelli!! :)

  2. way to go peter . . :D <3