Monday, February 8, 2010

Taylor Lautner Hangs at The Super Bowl with Rob Lowe

Taylor Lautner, who is apparently a Colts fan, was spotted at the Super Bowl with actor, Rob Lowe. Rob said of Taylor, "Taylor's another Colts fan and he's such a great guy. He and I are here for the Super Bowl as well, and I brought my boys with me, so we just have a boys club who's been traveling around on this amazing Colts run." Rob's wife is apparently Twi-obsessed like so many of us.

Rob said, "My wife is the Twilight freak in the house and she loves it. She's really funny. I keep giving her reports of where we're going, what we're doing." Apparently Taylor didn't do any drinking at the after party and kept in close contact with his security guys. He also took time to take a photo with actress, Hilary Swank. Lautner wasn't the only Twilight star at the event as Kellan Lutz was also spotted out and about in the crowd.


  1. That wasn't the super bowl it was the AFC Championships here in Indy. Colts-VS-Pats. I live in Indy and we won.