Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do Fans Only Watch Movies With Twilight Actors?

This frankly seemed a bit of a leap to us, that Twilight fans only want to see Twilight stars in Twilight related movies.

The LA Times is claiming that “poor box office” returns on The Runaways and Remember Me are indicative of that. However are those box office returns truly poor?

They are both independent movies, not mega-franchise or big studio pieces. For that matter, The Runaways isn’t even in wide release yet.

The only Twilight star who is attached to anything like that in the near future is Jackson Rathbone in The Last Airbender, and that doesn’t come out until after Eclipse. Valentine’s Day, a Gary Marshall big studio piece, with Taylor Lautner is currently the number three picture of the year. Adventureland was a coming of age indie film (dime a dozen) and Little Ashes (Dali or no Dali likeness) that bizarre caricature and bad reviews scared a lot of people off.

Don’t get us wrong, we love indie films, but not everyone does. It’s not a unique phenomena related to Twilight. Right now that is what the cast has booked. The better acid test will be Kellan Lutz in War of the Gods and Jackson Rathbone in Airbender.

According to the LA Times
“But there may be a deeper lesson here about Stewart: For all her acting versatility, when she strays from her “Twilight” wheelhouse, the fans don’t roll with her. That was, after all, also the message some experts gleaned from her first post-”Twilight” movie, “Adventureland,” which grossed just $16 million domestically despite getting some marketing play as a Stewart vehicle (and not three months after “Twilight” blew off the box-office doors).

It’s a lesson that’s especially pointed with “Runaways” because Stewart, in inhabiting the role of Joan Jett, is in many ways picking up where Bella Swan left off. She’s playing the moody rebel in both, yet fans apparently only want to see her playing a certain kind of moody rebel.”

We think it’s rather insulting to Twilight fans to say that no one wants to see them in anything else. Was the same true of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings?

In each of those incredibly successful series there were stars that rose to the next level and others who have wallowed in obscurity(self-imposed or otherwise).

To us what it comes down to is we want to see them in a good movie. If it comes down to plunking down money at the theater the whole story has to look like something we want to see, otherwise it’s a Netflix wait.

{Via LA Times.}


  1. This is stupid!!! Of course the fans accept these actors starring in other movies, TL did a few other movies before TS, NR has been making movies since her early teens, she was stunning in CC,and of course KS has been making movies since she was 9yrs old; PR was one of her best films!! No one thought that RM was going to make millions; but the people who saw it, thought it was great! PLUS I loved Kristen in Adventureland and inmy book she should have won an oscar for her performance in Cake Eaters!! I am sure once Runaways is released throughout the US; it will do OK for a small film and the fans who see it will love it; is it going to make 300million NO but KS fans will enjoy it!!!

  2. I agree with the post above about Kristen in Cake Eaters. She was fantastic in it! To walk and talk like she did as that character. I keep getting irritated with KS naysayers stating she only plays "moody teen characters". Hello she is only 19! It would be hard to play anything else. The girl has done 20 plus films in the last 10 or so years. Give her a break.

  3. I also agree. I love all these actors inn different movies im waiting to see "warrior" with kellan lutz. cuzz he's hot! (: and really a good actor. OFF course she only plays a "moody teen charactors" she cant play much else til she'z older. and even if a small film! i will love the film no matter what but i have benn caught red handed i do only want to see films that have my fav. actors in.. "yello hankerchif", "wellcome to rielys", "Remember me", " runaways" and " warrior" so yea im kinda a twilight saga fanatic(:

  4. I agree it's just the movies they are in well I saw remember me but I just have no interest in the runaways

  5. if the movies are good it wont matter who is in them. I go to see a movie if its interesting not who is in it.

  6. I know the reason behind these numbers... a TON of the twilight money comes from young teens. If I was the mom of a young teenage girl (I have two boys so I don't know what that's like yet!) There is no way I would let her go to most of these indie films. The majority of twilight fan's can't or won't go see rated R films which excludes a lot of the other movies these actors have made!