Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latest Couple Rumor: Taylor Lautner And Emma Roberts?

Taylor Lautner and Emma Roberts are the latest couple that has been going around the rumor mill.

OK! magazine reports that Emma definitely had her eye on Taylor while the two were filming Valetine's Day last summer.

A source tells OK!:

“She thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. They met on the set, and there was an instant attraction.”

The two were recently spotted together at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party where a partygoer noticed Taylor had his arm around Emma with Emma had her head on his shoulder.

What do you think about this couple alert?

{via Disney Dreaming}


  1. you mean he's not saving himself for me?!? I'm crushed :) yeah they make a cute pair. we'll see though you know the rumor mill

  2. What about her boyfriend Darren Kuppin?

  3. well they make a cute couple..and i like her more than taylor swift..so i guess we'll have to wait to see more

  4. LOL this is so crazy! they're just friends. Why can't friends be a little affectionate in public without someone making a mountain out of a mole hill?? (i.e. Taylor touching Kristen's chin at VANITY FAIR Party). Are they trying to make him out to be the flirt of the party?? Honestly, he's the sweetest guy, so I'm sure he's like that with all his female friends. GADD!!

  5. LIKE Taylor said in one of his interviews, he's a teen and he likes to date-that's it; he likes to go have fun ....