Friday, May 14, 2010

Barnes And Noble 'Eclipse' Soundtrack Includes Two Bonus Tracks

Barnes and Noble Bookstore has listed a special edition Eclipse soundtrack on their website. The special edition will come in "deluxe packaging" and will include 2 bonus tracks:

16. Battles (Bonus Track) - "The Line"
17. Bombay Bicycle Club (Bonus Track) - "How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep"

Click here to view the complete track listing.

You can preorder the B&N special edition here for $16.49.

Here's a preview of "How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep".

For those in the UK, the deluxe edition soundtrack includes the 2 previously mentioned bonus tracks PLUS two more bonus tracks:

18. Fanfarlo - Atlas (Remix)
19. Cee Lo Green - What Part Of Forever (Remix)

You can preorder the soundtrack from for £9.99. It will release on July 6th.

{via Twifans}

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