Friday, May 14, 2010

MTV's Final Two Looks At Nordstrom BP 'Eclipse' Fashion Line

The Nordstrom BP Eclipse merchandise line will be available for preorder tomorrow (May 15) from with the line releasing on June 4th.

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JANICE: Hey everybody! To say I’m a die-hard Jacob fan is an understatement. If you need more proof, check out what I’m wearing in these pictures.

DANIELLE: Really Janice? I mean, come on! First off, my shirt — besides the fact that it shows my mad love for Edward — is white with black writing, and we all know white is a cooler color to wear during the summer.

JANICE: Well, I think most would disagree with you because black will always be in no matter how hot it is outside.

DANIELLE: OK Janice, maybe you’ve made a few good points. I guess the facts are that both of these vintage tees are great and can be worn at any time. Let’s hug it out!

The “Camp Cullen” boyfriend tee ($30) is loose-fitting, so it fits perfect with a pair of skinny jeans! I didn't mind representing the vampire clan because I kind of felt like Bella for a minute being on both sides.

After I wore the “Camp Cullen” top, I couldn't want to put on the “Forever JB” v-neck ($30). Lest we forget: I am forever on Team Jacob.

{via MTV}

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  1. TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!