Friday, June 25, 2010

John | Ben Geldreich

Ben Geldreich
The Character

Name: John

Type: Human

Special Ability: None

About them: A friend of Royce King who is involved with Rosalie's past and helps Royce beat her. Once Rosalie is changed into a vampire, she kills him and several other men, leaving Royce till last.

Their Early History: Nothing is told about John apart from that he was a new friend to Royce from Atlanta.

Actor BiographyBen Geldreich

Name: Ben Geldreich

Nickname(s): Unknown

Date Of Birth: April 3rd, 1978

Height: 5'11

Hair: Brunette

Eye Color: Green

Fun Fact: Ben can impersonate accents from South America, Canada, Armenian, Ireland and the Middle East.

Hometown(s): Vancouver, Canada

Career: Has starred in small roles in Television, Film and Theatre. Including the film Tooth Fairy and popular TV show Men In Trees. Ben will star in the third of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse as Royce King's friend, John.

About Them: Ben is also a very successful photographer as well as an actor, and started his own photography buisness in January 2008.

Quick Quote: N/A

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  1. Royce is a horrible character. Why would he do something like that to Rosalie? I mean she didn't do anything to him. All Rosalie did was give Royce love. Shame on you Royce.x-(