Friday, June 25, 2010

'Eclipse' Top Advance Ticket Seller Of Year!

Some very exciting news! It's been reported that "Eclipse" is the top advance ticket seller of the year [so far], the movie has actually been in the top five sellers since tickets became available! How exciting is that? Do you guys think we could top our own record for biggest opening day [for New Moon]?

EXCLUSIVE: So many Twi-hards stood in line since Monday in advance of tonight's Eclipse premiere that Summit Entertainment had to set up a 2nd tent city on Chick Hearn Boulevard to accommodate them all outside the Nokia Theater and L.A. live plaza. Trust me, any Hollywood studio would love to have this problem. Right now Eclipse is both Fandango's and's top advance ticket-seller of the year. And the third movie in the Twilight saga still has another week of ticket sales before its release date. Eclipse leads the Fandango Five with over 52% of daily ticket sales, even with strong daily sales for Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid. is also reporting Eclipse online ticketing represent over 50% of daily sales. On Fandango, Eclipse was voted “The Most Anticipated Movie Of The Summer” by the majority (32%) of Fandango moviegoers in a May 2010 poll. Now it's been among Fandango’s Top 5 ticket-sellers on a daily basis ever since tickets first went on sale five weeks ago.

{Via Deadline}

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