Sunday, June 13, 2010

Laura's Corner-Part 6

The morning dragged on as I was taught the same repetitive lessons that I already knew so well. I was lucky to have Celeste as a partner; she was clearly much smarter than an average eighteen year old so I didn’t feel like I had to look less intelligent around her. I was happy to let her have all the credit when we achieved yet another A on our homework projects. Finally it was lunch time and annoyingly I still had to walk at a human paced speed to the cafeteria. Obviously after that huge grizzly bear I had devoured earlier I wasn’t hungry, I wanted to see Jacob.

“I think I might have the macaroni cheese today. What you having Nessie?” Celeste asked.

“Oh, erm, well I had a huge breakfast so I’m not really that hungry.”

Celeste stopped walking. I turned to her to see what the holdup was.

“Nessie, you are eating properly aren’t you? I hardly ever see you eat” Real concern embraced Celeste’s face, I felt terrible lying to her all the time, but I am pretty sure she would think I was lying if I told her the truth.

“No!” I said in shock. “No it’s just I, well I don’t really like people watching me eat so...” I trailed off. My sensitive hearing had picked up on the most beautiful laugh I had ever heard. It made my ears sing to hear something so wonderful. My worry about Celeste being so observant had completely vanished. I turned my Head slightly and saw Jacob sitting at a table in the far corner. His plate piled high with food; guess the bear wasn’t as filling for him as it was me. He was sat with his two friends Darren and Kyle, both of which I liked very much, they made Jake happy.

“Why don’t you go over?” Celeste suggested “I’ll catch you up in a sec.” I smiled at her; she truly was a great friend. I glided over towards Jacob as quietly as I possibly could, as my hand reached out to grab his shoulder he turned around, picked me up and kissed my lips sweetly, but appropriately for the surroundings we were in.

“Hello beautiful. I missed you.” He cooed. Is it really possible for your heart to stop? (Well when you’re not a vampire, or dead.) Because when Jake spoke so tenderly like this, and held me this way my whole body would freeze even if just for a fraction of a second. He would literally dazzle me into a coma.

“Get a room will ya you two. You’re putting me off my burger.” Darren interjected.

“Got one!” Jake smiled. I joined them at their table and it wasn’t long before Celeste had come to sit by my side.

“So are you gonna ask her then?” Kyle had said this in a way that made me feel uneasy. Ask who what?

“There’s no way she is gonna agree guys. Why do you think I was laughing just then?”

“It’s worth a shot at least.”

So he was laughing at something Kyle had said, something I was unlikely to agree with. Well I had news for Jacob Black; I would not being disagreeing to whatever this was.

“What do you wanna ask me Jake?”

“Ha, not me. It’s these two here.”

I looked towards where Jacob had just gestured. Darren and Kyle were both looking at each other and shaking their heads. Finally Kyle cleared his throat and spoke.

“Right well the thing is Ness, it’s my birthday on Friday. And being eighteen and everything I sort of wanna do something special. And seeing as though you guys have your own place...

I knew where this was going. He was going to ask to have a party at our house. To invite around a load of teenagers all of whom would have the aim of getting completely drunk. So that’s why Jake was laughing. He knew I wouldn’t like that idea, not really. Kids getting drunk was very irresponsible, what if it got out of hand? But no, I would go along with this and show Jacob that I was not always such a party pooper. I could keep everything under control, I think.

...If maybe I could have a party there?” Kyle cringed on his last word.

“Sure” I said instantly. Jake, Kyle, Darren and Celeste all stared at me like I had gone mad. Was I really that against parties? “So this Friday, I think we can do that can’t we darling?”

“Erm. Yeah. Sure.” Jake said confused. “You sure Renesmee?”

“Yeah I think it’s a great idea.”

“Aww Ness you’re awesome! I could kiss you.” Jacob shot Kyle a glance. “But I won’t obviously”

Darren and Kyle went into an instant discussion on who they were going to invite and who they were going to try it on with.

“So I’m finally going to get to see your house. Wow, I can’t wait.” Celeste had a lot more enthusiasm than I did.

“Nope, nor can I.”

“You didn’t have to agree to that you know.” Jake said as he drove us home. “If you don’t really want to do it then I can just ring Kyle and tell him to get somewhere else.”

“No, I don’t mind at all.” Would he see through my lie? “It will be fun.”

Jacob stroked my cheek. Even though we were driving at 60mph and he wasn’t exactly paying attention to the road I never for one second would consider that we could crash. “You’re such a sweetheart Ness. I’ll never know what I have done to deserve you.”

That was another body coma moment. I doubt I would ever get used to the strange sensation it gave me, even though I had had them on countless occasions.

“Put your foot down Jake. There’s something I’ve been dying to do to you all day.”

The force of the acceleration made my head jolt back slightly.

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