Sunday, June 13, 2010

MTV Rough Cut - Interviews W/Rob, Kristen & Taylor

MTV's got some great interview pieces with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Taylor comments about the fan he met in Australia who had gotten a Wolfpack tattoo on her arm (she later tattooed Taylor's autograph after he signed her arm). Rob discusses "glitter lube" - LOL! And Kristen tells us what Rob's exact idea was for their "Best Kiss" acceptance speech at last Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

A Taylor Lautner fan gets a special tattoo

Taylor Lautner's view on his shirtless scenes

Robert Pattinson on Twilight merchandise

Robert Pattinson's thoughts on Breaking Dawn

Kristen Stewart's musical tastes

Kristen Stewart talks about her acceptance on the "Best Kiss" award

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  1. awww they all so cute...and OMR you need to get going on reading BD before filming lmao..LMAO at the Kiss idea I'm sure Rob was messing around..and Taylor should know by now there's alot of obsessed ppl out there they'll do anything and I mean anything lol...great interviews...