Friday, July 2, 2010

David Slade Talks Rob & Kristen Chemistry!

Only a fool could be blind to the electric chemistry Rob & Kristen have when they are playing Edward & Bella. It comes across so naturally and beautifully. Eclipse was no different from the other two installments of the saga, Kristen and Rob were smoking!

Kristen has claimed on many occasions about how things just clicked with him and how she knew he was the one who should play the role Edward. Rob has also made comments about how the two of them can communicate with no words needed.

David Slade talks to PopSugar about the two rumored to be off-screen lovers. How awesome would it be to have a real life Edward & Bella? I'm just would be perfection!


  1. Thats why I've been Team Edward from day 1. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen comes across so powerfully off screen that it translates into their characters flawlessly. They could not be anymore perfect for their roles.

  2. i totally agree wid kerri...its their connection that makes bella n edward so full of life n naturality