Monday, July 5, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Everyone Was Screaming-Me Included

By: Ellen H.
Location: USA

I got tickets to see the 'Triple Bill'. Starting at 7pm the theatre would play Twilight, New Moon, and then Eclipse at 12:01am. So me and my bestfriend arrived at the theatre at 12pm-noon. There were only three people in front of us. I brought my New Moon Edward blanket and Twilight magazines. I was wearing my Edward shirt showing my appreciation for Team Edward while my friend had her Jacob shirt. It was a long wait sitting on the floor. But around 4:30pm it was getting pretty full. It was insane.

At 6pm they started letting us into the theatre. We ran to middle section and sat down. With our snacks I got a collectable Eclipse cup. I was so happy. We watched Twilight and New Moon. It was very long. And then it was finally 12:01am.

This was it. Everyone was screaming- me included. The movie was fantastic. David Slade did an amazing job. I felt it was like the book. It wasn`t corny witht he werewolves. The make-up wasn`t done bad. Edward- Robert Pattinson was astonishingly beautiful!! I could not stop gushing over him. I loved all the funny jokes Charlie, Emmett, and Jacob made. They were perfect. Kristen Stewart- Bella- wasn`t as touching with her hair and stuttering in this one. You could tell that Bella was finally like growing up and becoming an adult.

Also the colors were great. And the timing of everything. It didn`t seem too long or even too short. Just perfect. SO over-all it was an amazing movie and I`m very grateful to have experienced it.

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  1. I know the feeling of waiting til it was finally 12:01. I went to the Twilight/New Moon double showing and the last half hour of New Moon I kept freaking out and my friend had to cover my mouth with her hand to get me to shut up.