Sunday, July 4, 2010

Newest 'Eclipse' TV Spot - Number 1


  1. just went and saw eclipse..god..the books are so good and the casting is amazing but what about the directors and the screen writer of these movies especially this one..sorry but i hated the visual effects and i couldn't stop laughing through the movie..and if you really watch carefully..the actors were trying to hard from laughing..just disappointed..

  2. it was really good.
    i went to see it on saturday kitted out in my team edward top and team cullen hat.
    i loved the romantic scenes like the proposal and urm.....the bed scene.
    the action ofd the fight was great, but why did bella cut herself? she dosn't in the book.
    I also wish we saw more of seth and a human i (L) BooBoo fricken Stewart!


  3. i went ans saw the first midnight screening of eclipse i loved it but it felt like it was missing something....i have to say the book tells you more, but the movie was still excellent jacob is jus to sexy lol

  4. I agree,it's the best among the three.For the next saga,i'm looking forward what will happen with the remaining new born.