Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poll: Battle of The Fantasy Soundtracks

Howard Shore wrote the music for both The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, as well as the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse. Which do you prefer?

Below are samples from each: (Vote below!)

Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring

Twilight: Eclipse


  1. the twilight is very, very bad

  2. Twilight all soundtracks all the way I own them all.

  3. Twilight was ok, New Moon was good, but Eclipse was great, Howard Shore has done it once again it felt like The Lord Of The Rings came back in some weird way. In honesty, both Eclipse and The Lord Of The Rings are amazing because of the beautiful original score by Howard Shore.

  4. I like all three of them Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse :D

  5. Lord of the Rings soundtrack is so much better than the Twilight.