Tuesday, August 17, 2010

‘Vanidades’ Interview with Taylor

Last night I came across the translation and scans from Taylor Lautner’s recent interview with Vanidades magazine. I don’t always read the entirety of all cast interviews, but there’s just something irresiTaylor Lautnerstible about Taylor. He represents himself so well in interviews in print and on screen. My friends and I agree (plus millions of females across the globe) that he has the total package. He’s sort of beautiful, he’s smart, he’s athletic, he’s well-spoken and very driven, yet grounded. Oh, and did I mention his amazing abs! I’m not normally one to swoon over someone just over half my age, but from the first time I saw New Moon, I started to waver from being solidly Team Edward. Taylor gave a very convincing performance and made me feel for Jacob in a way I never felt when reading the book.
The interview was pretty standard with questions about how he handles the paparazzi and what drives his success. Some highlights are in mentioning some disappointment with Eclipse and the scenes “when the best stuff happens” as he says that he’s in wolf form, but what made up for it were his kissing scenes with Kristen. Taylor says, “At least I got to kiss Kristen for the first time ever. That was the best. She’s a great kisser.” Hmm…didn’t we just hear from Christina Ricci about Rob’s great kissing skills?
In answering how he manaTaylor Lautner July GQges to keep his muscles, he discusses what he misses. “Sometimes I wish I could eat some ice cream,” he says, “and I do cheat, but when I have filming of a photo shoot coming up, I need to be strong to stay in shape.” Oh the price of fame in Hollywood. Maybe if I had movie deals and photo shoots on the line, it wouldn’t be so hard to resist the call of the cookies and cream in the freezer. At any rate, we do have something in common!
What Taylor will most miss when the Twilight Saga movies are done and the last lights on the set go dim are his short shorts. He laughs as he says, “I’ll miss them so much.” So will we, so will we.
In my opinion, if Taylor plays his cards right, he’s on his way to becoming a megastar. He’s proven he’s a serious actor and will do what it takes for a role, be it gaining 30 pounds of muscle for New Moon or in speaking of future projects he says, “If I need to be shirtless or if I need to lose 33 lbs, I’ll do it.”
Time will tell as we get to see him in upcoming movies like Abduction and Stretch Armstrong. I personally think it will be interesting to see how he handles his new roles in Breaking Dawn as new pack leader and then his relationship with Renesmee. I think the latter will prove most challenging. I’m still trying to imagine it, but I have total confidence that he’ll do an amazing job bringing Jacob Black to life on screen again. I can’t wait!

Click here to see the magazine scans and to read the full interview.

{via Twilight Poison}

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