Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Bits I Cannot Live Without!

The filming of Breaking Dawn cannot come soon enough. I am dreadfully missing the news and set pictures that surface during filming. Rumor mills have been in over drive over the last installment and no one is really sure what to expect. In keeping perspective with reality, I know there is no way they can fit every single detail in the movie, but there are a few parts that could make the film or break it if they were to be left out...my opinion only :)

Edward and Bella's conversation in her room on the night before the wedding.
This was such a sweet tender moment. Edward is still trying to convince Bella she should stay human and of course Bella is trying to get in Eddie's pants as usual. Its a sweet moment between the two and is a nice set up to the wedding.

Bella's mom and dad giving her the hair piece to wear in her wedding.
This moment was special and I would hate to see it left out. Bella's marrying Edward brings everyone in full circle including her divorced parents. Also its a chance to see the emotional side of Bella, which I feel is being neglected in the movies.

Bella and Edward driving away from the Cullen home after the wedding.
This is very symbolic for Bella...she waving good-bye to everyone as they depart on their honeymoon, but is saying good-bye to so much more. She is saying good-bye to her life as she knows it. Nothing will ever be the same after she drives away.

Every single part of the honeymoon ha ha

The visit from Gustavo and Kaure, the cleaning staff, during Bella & Edward's honeymoon. The first visit from the two workers gives Edward a dangerous edge because Kaure is afraid for Bella's life. The second visit was excellent foreshadowing to the dangers of Bella being pregnant with a human/vampire baby and how controversial Renesmee would be.

Bella and Rosalie's bond. Or lack thereof if you ask me. Rosalie will do absolutely anything to keep this baby to fulfill her personal wants and desires but in the meantime teams up with Bella against Edward.

Jacob and Edward's alliance. Jacob and Edward for once have a common goal: Talk Bella out of having this baby and keep her as safe as possible. They are almost buddies in Breaking Dawn and I would really hate for this aspect of the story to go missing.

The splitting of the pack. I have heard here and there that Jacob's part of the book would not be in the movie. Even though I am adverse to smelly dogs ;) there are some things that just shouldn't be left out and the splitting of the pack is one of them. It shows how Renesmee already has quite a hold on Jacob even before she is born. And I kind of actually like the idea of Chief Jacob :)

Bella's transformation. Obviously we know this will be apart of the movie but I want to be inside her head and also see everyone on the outside while she is going through the transformation. Although no one really enjoys a tortured Edward, it would be nice to see how much he wish he could take her pain away.

Bella's first hunt. One part of being a vampire Bella was looking forward to was doing away with her clumsy awkwardness. On her first hunt she can out do Edward but still feels like awkward Bella. Also she has always wanted to see Edward hunt and I would enjoy seeing them together.

Edward & Bella's first night together after her transformation
. Enough said. :)

Vampire Bella arm-wrestling with Emmett.
This would just be too funny to watch Kristen and Kellan having a battle of strength. I really hope they add the round kick to the cinder block too. Ha ha I'm grinning just thinking about Kristen doing that.

Charlie's visit. This for me is the beginning of world's coming together, vampires, wolves, & humans.

Alice & Jasper while they are off on their own. This isn't in the book, but in the movie I think it would be nice to get a glimpse of the two of them while they are off looking for children like Renesmee.

Christmas with Charlie. This is a time of happiness right in the middle of hell and again just demonstrates how everything and everyone has come together. All of the pieces of Bella's world are fitting together like she had never imagined they would. Losing her parents was one of her biggest reservations to becoming a vampire, but now its obvious she doesn't have to.

Vampire fight training/shield training. I'm ready to see Bella in action...no more being a victim.

and the best for last.....

Bella lowering her shield so Edward can read her mind. Out of all 4 books, this is my favorite part. If it is executed the exact way it was in the book it will be a phenomenal end to a perfect series.

This is the most important movie(s) of the series because it ties everything and everyone together. There are obvious things that will be in the movie and should be, but I really hope she touches on some of the smaller things because Stephanie beautifully wrote each and every word and the movies should be depicted that way. Phew could filming just please HURRY and commence!


  1. How could you miss Jake's almost fight with Sam, His new arrivals to his pack and his undying bond to Bella and her's to him. I absolutley loves Alistar I was constantly laughing that he was a paranoid skizo! (Would love Johnny Depp as him!)Jake trying so hard to imprint on everyone in a park, Jake changing in front of Charlie, Seth's bond with the Cullen's. (Obviously team Jake :) )

  2. They must have the Wedding and Honeymoon it is very important they need to be in part one of the final film. Another one would be Jacob almost fights Sam and gains Seth and Leah as pack companions, makes an alliance with Edward to convince Bella to not having the baby. Bella and Rosalie’s alliance, Jacob trying to Imprint on every girl and has his conversation with that girl. Finally bits and parts of the birthing scene and the when Jacob and Renesmee see eye to eye for the first time who wouldn’t want to see that.

  3. I left out the obvious parts like the birth scene and the wedding b/c we know they will be in the movie...but I would totally love to see Jake change in front of Charlie...I forgot all about that

  4. Please put the scene where Rosalie prepares Jacobs food and turns the dish tinto a dog bowl! TEAM EDWARD;)

  5. Ha Rosalie with the dog bowl! that would be great! Oh I cant wait for these movies to come out! I really hope I am not disappointed there is sooo much that needs to be there

  6. ha ha lol yeah I forgot about the bowl thats EPIC ;)

  7. The dog bowl is awesome! There are so many little things they could ad that would just make the movie awesome!

  8. I really cant wait to see Bella try to attack Jacob either :)

  9. The dog bowl part and I would also love to see when Jacob changes in front of Charlie

  10. How about all of Jakes blonde jokes :)

  11. bella's dreams,
    the line jake u stink.
    caius slapin irina, jane's scream
    all of eleazar's lines

  12. bella's hunting scene will be epic!