Monday, August 23, 2010

Creative Fan Makes A Pattinson Chair

A newly-turned Twilight fan named Eleanor took her love for Robert Pattinson to an ordinary chair and turned it into the "Pattinson Chair."

Plastered with photos of Rob - this is my kind of chair! - it's definitely something you'll wanna stare and, of course, sit in any time of the week ;)

From Eleanor:
(After the sleepover) In my free time from that day on, I just looked up pictures, saved my favourite ones and researched everything there was to know, the names of people in his family, the schools he had been to, everything. My laptop was overloaded by Rob pictures. I would just spend my time
talking about it, with the one person that was as obsessed as I was,that I knew, Amy (girl to the right in the picture of us). We got a project from our woodwork teacher to make a piece of furniture
out of cardboard, and we thought it was just going to be another boring project, but then he said we could decorate it however we liked, then it was like a light bulb came on, we had to completely cover it in our pictures of him.

{via Twifans}


  1. I would gladly sit on Rob's Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wink wink

  2. yes me to..... lol

  3. It's ridiculous! She should have spent her time with something much more important and useful, for example go to a psychiatrist...