Friday, August 13, 2010

Epic Pics of Kris & Rob on 'On The Road' Set!

Twi-Hards and Robsten lovers all over are going nuts over the newly surfaced pics of Kristen and Rob on the On The Road set. There has been a major Twilight drought and then we get AWESOME TCA coverage and now we FINALLY get to see Kristen! Squee! Kristen is currently filming her upcoming movie On The Road which has a star studded cast line up along with Rob's bestie, Tom Sturridge. She will be playing the role of Mary Lou.

So we finally get to see Stewie and boy how we've missed her...the day couldn't get any better right? Wrong! Rob shows up on set to keep her company :) He looks super relaxed and like he is having a lot of fun. Hopefully Rob has gotten a much needed break! Loving his shirt ;) And my word I am in love with Kristen's new do. Suits her perfectly!


  1. AWE :) These are happy pics!! Thanks for posting!!

  2. AW!! So Cute!! I love them!! That is so sweet that he came to visit her! I do like her hair I think it is way cute!! Interesting shirt he has on. I didn't realize that it was a Beastie Boys shirt!! Thanks for Posting!!

  3. i love kristens costume in the last photo, the style really suits her!
    and the 3rd from the bottom = :D