Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella!

Today has been full of great Twilight goodness but we cannot forget that today is the day that Edward and Bella say I do. On August 13, 2006 Edward finally makes Bella his blushing bride.

Seriously the wedding was one of my favorite parts of the book...he finally gets his wedding and makes her his forever. C'mon ladies, how many of you would have made him endure as much torture as Bella did? Who am I kidding? I probably would have asked him before he could ask me ha ha :)

Maybe they (Kstew & Rpattz) are out there celebrating vampire style :) hehe *wink wink*

{Pic: via FanPop}


  1. FELICIDALES !! wiiiiiiiiiiii ......
    estoy muy anciosa de ver Amanecer ! !

  2. I have no idea what means but wooo hooo!

  3. nice......long long time ago...but is good for them...i hope that the movie will be so fantastic as the book

  4. They got married on my birthday!