Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fight Training for "BD" to Start in Sept

Kellan Lutz recently told the Examiner that training for fight scenes may begin as early as next month in September.

“I believe we might start rehearsals in September fight training, and then I think start production in November until March in Vancouver and Baton Rouge. I love doing stunts, I love doing action movies.”

Lutz, who portrays the sexy bulk of a vampire, Emmet, also stated how much he enjoys the company of his cast-mates. He referred to filming the movies as a sort of family reunion.

“We just have a really great group of actors who are real people who can just have fun. We have so many inside jokes now, and we don’t get sick of each other because these movies are only three to four months of shooting and then we’re off doing our own thing. And then we get excited to come back and it’s like a great family reunion. I can’t wait."

He also admitted to wanting a much needed vacation before filming begins.

“I want to go to Turkey really bad, and Istanbul, Iceland and Ireland,and somewhere to get away and get a tan before I have to be all pale for a while to play vampire Emmett Cullen. But I just want to relax because Breaking Dawn is going to be a big movie to shoot.”

The sooner filming starts, the better if you want my opinion!!

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