Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No James Franco For Breaking Dawn

The rumor mill has been hard at work! After an interview posted last week, everyone was under the assumption that Spidey's best friend, James Franco, would be joining the cast of Twilight for the final installment, Breaking Dawn. Franco stated in an interview that he was reading the saga for an upcoming project.

Rumors seem to be the center of the Twilight universe and Gossip Cop dug around to prove the rumor to be just that. A rumor.

"A rep for Franco tells Gossip Cop the speculation about him joining Breaking Dawn is “not true.”

Rumors often seem to come from thin air, their origins a mystery. Given the Esquire piece, this one is at least somewhat more reasonable — but it’s still inaccurate."

What part would he play anyway? I am not sure this movie could handle too much more hottness...the screen could implode. Although I have to admit, I sort of liked the idea of James Franco as a sexy vamp.

{via GossipCop}

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