Monday, August 2, 2010

New Eclipse Action Figures Available For Purchase

NECA, maker of the Twilight action figures, has revealed the Series 1 Eclipse characters which include Edward, Jacob and Victoria, all available for purchasing from as a set of 3 or from at $13.99 each.

A preview of the Series 2 that will be available soon includes Edward, Jacob (this time shirtless), Bella and Rosalie.

Do you own any of the Twilight action figures? Will you be adding these to your collection soon?

Series 1 

Series 2

via The Twilight Examiner}


  1. i couldn't fin bella rosalie , can someboy tell me where i can buy it ??? on ebay is nothing ....

  2. Breanna no like.

  3. sweet does any one know when the Series 2 action figures come out