Monday, August 2, 2010

Vampire Filler - Newest Anti-Aging Procedure

Vampire filler - the newest thing to take on the anti-aging market. The procedure involves using the person's own blood in order to remove the appearance of wrinkles around their eyes, nose and mouth for about 2 years. The science behind it is definitely interesting. Watch the video to check out before and after pictures of a patient who underwent the procedure.

{via redlasso}


  1. Rogue
    Clumsy as a poison because of your mouth
    Poisoning my wounded heart
    There is a chest inside this mad desire
    Bleeding lips of those poisoned
    In a lacerating bite so deep
    Painfully in which the blood floods
    The lush floor of your room
    If I spill my blood as I speak softly
    Not only will this drain my
    For the love of me is not torture
    And yes indeed an adventure
    Ah! How would it be? Ah! My God, how would it be?
    Dying in your haste to vampire
    Numb love in your waist

    Sandro Kretus