Monday, August 23, 2010

Summit Provides 'Breaking Dawn' Answers

We have all heard the rumors about the up and coming filming of Breaking Dawn. The majority have revolved around Bella's birth scene and how the character of Renesmee will be portrayed realistically. We are all very anxious to find out! It looks like we can finally put some of these question to rest. Summit recently sent out an email to several Twilight fansights and provided a few answers to a few of the questions we all have.

1. There will not be a name change to Bella and Edward's beloved daughter, Renesmee.

2. Newborn vampire Riley will not come back from the dead to reprise his role..why would he?

3. There aren't any nationwide casting notices, and will only be the one director for the movie, Deborah Zane.

Who knows, maybe Summit will provide more answers in the not so distant future.

{via Reelzchannel}

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